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USB Mobile Phone Charger

We are highly engaged in offering the wide range of Chargers which are manufactured using best quality components by our professional experts. These are of a very simple, standard design that is easy for both novices and experienced boaters to use. These are handy and proficient enough to recharge your phone in a very short time span and at any place. These also provide the full power your phone needs to work efficiently. Chargers are available in few varieties such as Dvaio Rapid 3.0A USB Charger, Dvaio 2.0A USB Car Charger, and Dvaio Elite 3.4A USB Mobile Charger. These work by supplying a constant DC or pulsed DC power source to a battery being charged.
Product Image (Elite 3.4)

Dvaio Elite 3.4A USB Mobile Charger

Price: 399 INR/Piece

Model: Elite 3.4 Ports: 2 Power: 3.4 Amp Package: USB Adapter and USB cable (in the box) Free Bag with every 20 Pcs

Product Image (Rapid 3.0)

Dvaio Rapid 3.0A USB Charger

Price: 349 INR/Piece

Model: Rapid 3.0 Ports: 2 Power: 3Amp Package: USB Adapter and USB cable (in the box)


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